Self-Makeup: 7 Products you will need from Head To Toe

Makeup Make You up in every places, but people don’t have time nowadays to spend time on the beauty parlour, and is considered a waste of time also.

some people don’t have that much money to spend on their makeup and that is why the term self-makeup evolved.

how to do self-makeup? doing self-makeup isn’t a big deal at all, however at the beginning it may seem hard to choose the right product and the right combination of colors, the time teaches you everything, in this post we are going to show you every product from head to toe that will help you do self-makeup so keep reading the article.

in the early days if you need to do makeup the only option you have is going to beauty parlour but nowadays everything is avalable in shops and also in online shopping stores so it is easy to buy it from your home,

here are the products you will need for the self-makeup,

#1 For Your Head:

the head is the beginning of a body, and for girls, it is very tough to maintain it because of their long hair but using the best shampoo and a conditioner may help you keep your hair in good condition,

i know the shampoo doesn’t comes under makeup but it is necessary to speak about hair because beauty starts there.

use shampoo to clean your hair and conditioner to keep your hair in condition

#2 For Your Face

The next thing below the head is a face, a face is the only thing that everyone looks so it is important to take more care to your face,

when your face look good, eveything looks good so use face cream before you go anywhere

using a cream highlighter will enhance your beauty twice, so use it whenever necessary

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#3For your eyes

eyes are the beautiest part of the face some people have bigger eyes naturally and it enhances the beauty of the face on the other side some people have normal eyes and it doesn’t mean they don’t look good but having a bigger eye is an extra added benefit in my opinion, comment your opinion on this,

let us come to the point,

use eye shadows to stand out in the crowd, don’t over use it.

use mascara for the eyelashes, use it on both upper and lower lashes, this will give premium look to your eyes.

use eyeliner to enhance your eyes more

#4 For your lips

usually most of the people hate lipstick because it don’t last long but there are some alternatives available in the market use that so that it doesn’t get faded and it stay longer

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#5 For your body

for some people face and their hands will be in different colour due to the exposure of sun which will look ugly, so use the sun screen when you go out especially in summer days

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#6 For your fingers

the trends had changed from nail polish to nail arts, nail arts are the trends now so use them in the best way,

but nail arts are not still popular in some areas and if you are ok with the nail polish use it

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some people like to grow the nail but some people don’t, if you don’t like growing nails then cut it with the nail clippers

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we have written an article on 5 best japanese nail clippers take a look at it if you are interested

#7 For your toe

for toes again same as your fingers use nail polish and nail clippers wisely,

leg is the lest cared part of the body, leg gets the least attention by the people but cleans it well at least while you bath


these are the things that you will need to do Self-Makeup

the products mentioned are cheap and good quality products available in the market, buy and use it to make you look cool.

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